Collection Finn & Krakk


A thought, an idea, a challenge. 
Sebastien Talpe / bastalpe® imagines a precise line which would become the basis of a table.
With the help of Giel Dedeurwaerder / FOR  curves,  shapes were drawn, redrawn and rendered.

Result : the table FINN

Manufactured in enamelled aluminium and available until 
3 m long - width : 90 cm

The logical consequence to the table FINN : a stool, the KRAKK.

A combination of straight and organic forms, such as the table. 
Each stool is unique, every seat is just a little different.

Just simple yet so inspiring. 


FINN L    x  W   x   H  
F300 300  x  90  x  76
F270 270  x  90  x  76
F250 250  x  90  x  76
F220 220  x  90  x  76
F160 160  x  90  x  76